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MyGeekGoddess Lifetime Membership


Have you always wanted to join MyGeekGoddess but never wanted to deal with hassles of a monthly membership?

Now is your chance to snag a lifetime membership to the site.

Lifetime Memberships grant you the following.

- Access to 10,000+ and growing images
- Access to the GeekGoddess Chat so you can interact directly with models.
- Access to the GeekGoddess Forum for more model interaction.
- Continued access to the site so you can keep enjoying our new content.... for a lifetime.

Terms and Conditions Apply: We treat all our members and models with respect. We expect the same from our membership. We reserve the right to remove a rude member from being able to post to the forums but still have access to the photos. Continued misconduct and any harassment or threats to models or management will result in a completely revoked membership with no refund.